'Seabirds and marine mammals off SW Galicia, all year-round. Didactic, exciting experience at the best value!'

About us

Seabirds Galicia is a platform created to manage pelagic trips off SW Galicia.
Since September 2011 is working together with Iniciativas Tradicionales Marítimas, S. L. and its boat 'Chasula' to offer low cost, attractive trips aimed to observe both common and rare seabird species (click here for more information). This platform will be active up to the end of 2015. From 2016 onwards, the new project ChasulaAves will replace Seabirds Galicia. 

Seabirds Galicia team (2011-2015):

Isidro Mariño Cadarso (Vilagarcía de Arousa, 1958). Skipper of the 'Chasula'. Expertise in traditional boat and sea heritage recovery. Director of the traditional boat school (woodcraft) in Marín. Founder (2003) of Intramar (Iniciativas Tradicionales Marítimas, S. L.) (Photo: J. Menéndez).

Martín Rodríguez Otero (O Grove, 1980). Degree in Biology. Ornithological guide at the 'Chasula' (2012-2014), and co-manager of the blog and bookings. He is interested on birds and marine mammals, and has wide knowledge on botany (Photo: J. L. Lorenzo "Colón").

David Leiro Padín (O Grove, 1983). Boatswain of the 'Chasula'. He has the degree of Shoreline Skipper, Harbour Skipper and Sea Lifeguard. In the picture, David holds a Balearic Shearwater (Puffinus mauretanicus), being released unharmed in the wild afterwards (Photo: D. Leiro).

Cosme Damián Romay Cousido (O Grove, 1981). Colleged biologist, and Advanced Studies Certificate. Nowadays, he's doing his PhD in bird taxonomy. He has created the platform Seabirds Galicia and is the co-responsible of the blog maintenance and booking management (Photo: J. L. Lorenzo "Colón").

Gustavo Ferreiro Martínez (Montevideo, 1969). Expertise in Company Management and Direction, is nowadays an active member of the local group of SEO (Spanish Ornithological Society) in Pontevedra. In 2015 was co-responsible of the blog maintenance and booking management (Photo: SEO/Pontevedra).