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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Last trip of Seabirds Galicia and future

Fulfilling the timetable for Seabirds Galicia this year, a trip by A Lanzada bay and 'ría' of Arousa is scheduled for Saturday 5th December 2015, focused on seabirds and marine mammals. In case of rough sea conditions, the alternative date will be on 6th December.

This will be, unless last minute changes, the last trip managed through Seabirds Galicia platform. Since September 2011, Seabirds Galicia offered boat trips focused on seabirds and marine mammals, all throughout the year, and with reasonable prices. Seabirds Galicia was a new, much celebrated iniciative both by naturists and photographers.

After several changes in the management of Seabirds Galicia throughout 2015, and with the intention of broadcast this pelagic trips, the company Intramar, S.L. decided to create a new platform, to be called Chasula Aves / Chasula Birds, which is associated to a blog and a Facebook page. The managers of this brand will be Isidro Mariño (Intramar, SL) and Xabier Vázquez Pumariño (Habitaq Estratexias). Chasula Birds / Birds Chasula, along with Chasula Pesca, are services of Intramar, SL.

Cosme Damian Romay was responsible for the idea and strategy of Seabirds Galicia, and along with Martín Rodriguez Otero and Gustavo Ferreiro, managed the blog until 31.12.2015. David Leiro, Iago, Martín and, remarkably, the skipper Isidro Mariño, managed the 'chum', the food and the 'Chasula', owing the success of the pelagics.

Up to 31.12.2015 Seabirds Galicia and seabirdsgalicia mail (at) gmail.com will be active, while from 01.01.2016 the blog will just remain as a file depository.

From 1.1.2016 onwards Chasula Aves / Chasula Birds with its new team, will manage the pelagics via email: chasulabirds (at) gmail.com

Greetings and thanks for your trust in Seabirds Galicia.

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