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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

18/10/2015:Pelagic of the whales.

Still the lights of the port of the sailor villa followed lit when we ship in  the ancient and beautiful wooden ship.

Encouraged by the coffee commented that it could offer us the day. We did not know it, but we trusted the generosity of the sea of Arousa.

While we sailed by the estuary esquivando the cuadriculadas bateas in direction to the piélago, already began  to divisar the distinct seagulls, standing out the Larus melanocephalus, Phalacrocorax aristotelis, Sterna sandvicensis, the first Morus bassanus of the day and some Ardea cinerea.

A few miles further of the archipelago of Sálvora, did apparition the Puffinus mauretanicus, Puffinus puffinus  and a Oceanites oceanicus, in addition to shady seagulls, Larus michahellis, Larus ridibundus, Larus melanocephalus and  groups of Morus bassanus.

More sea inside, arrived of the horizon the Hidrobares pelagicus, the Puffinus gravis, Puffinus griseus, Calonectris diomedea, Sterna hirundo, Sterna sandvicensisStercorarius skua and Stercorarius parasiticus; and more Puffinus gravis, Puffinus mauretanicus and Morus bassanus, a lot of Morus bassanus. The common dolphins saw them delivered in several packs.

Of return observe five Ardea cinerea, Arenaria interpres and  Falco peregrinus near of the port.

Before disembarking, the mussels of the estuary and a good albariño put the brooch of gold to a route pelágica a bit moved in which Hidrobates pelagicus and Morus bassanus of all the ages were the protagonists of the ocean.

Here below is the detailed list of species, with highlights in bold and approximate numbers in italics:

An some pictures of the trip, (c) Xan Diéguez.

Stercorarius parasiticus, (SW Galicia),  18/10/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.

Morus bassanus, (SW Galicia),  18/10/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.

 Morus bassanus, (SW Galicia),  18/10/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.

 Hidrobates pelagicus, (SW Galicia),  18/10/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.

 Hidrobates pelagicus, (SW Galicia),  18/10/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.

Oceanites oceanicus, (SW Galicia),  18/10/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.

Puffinus gravis, (SW Galicia),  18/10/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.

Sterna hirundo, (SW Galicia),  18/10/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.

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