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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

18/09/2015: New exit pelagic.

Due to the fact that the last exit pelagic corresponding to the Saturday 12 September was cancelled by the conditions of the sea desfavorables, have programmed another route for next Friday 18 of this month.

Like  the period in that we are is one of the best of the year to observe marine birds in migration, ¡encourage you to participate!.

It is you.

Photos of the last exit of Xan Diéguez.

 Delphinus delphis (SW Galicia), 6/9/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.
 Xema sabini, (SW Galicia), 06/09/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.
 Oceanites oceanicus, (SW Galicia), 6/9/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.
 Puffinus gravis, (SW Galicia), 6/9/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.

 Stercorarius skua, (SW Galicia), 6/9/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.

 Morus bassanus, (SW Galicia), 6/9/2015, (c) X. Diéguez.

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