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Monday, September 10, 2012

Seabirds Galicia's 1st birthday

Today, 10th September 2012, Seabirds Galicia celebrates the first aniversary for its very first pelagic trip. That was not a successful journey, as sea was too rough, and we could not go further from Sagres archipelago (information here). However, ongoing pelagics were successfully performed up to the end of October, even with a surprise (see here). After a productive journey in the ría of Arousa in December (click here), pelagics were restarted in February, running up to July. Bad sea conditions were responsible of cancellations in July and August, but on the 8th of September sea was almost perfect and the first pelagic of the postbreeding migration was successfully performed (see here).

For celebrate this birthday, we are preparing a special wear, hoping it will be finished before the trip of 22nd September (pelagic already full).

Thank you for your trust and support.

Isidro, the skipper of the 'Chasula' [photo (c) Jesús Menéndez]

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